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November 30, 2023

November Newsletter

Gearing up for OIC Philadelphia's 60th Anniversary Gala

On January 26, 2024 we will commemorate 60 years since Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan boldly opened the doors of of OIC Philadelphia at our 60th Anniversary Gala. The movement continues because of committed people like yourself.

This gala is not just a commemoration; it is a recommitment. A recommitment to continue the legacy of Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan, to keep the doors of opportunity wide open, and to ensure OIC Philadelphia remains at the forefront of workforce development, social justice, and economic empowerment for decades to come.  Support us so that OIC Philadelphia can continue our critical mission.

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For questions or more information, please contact Drew Bergman at 267-400-7969 or dbergman@oicphila.org

Get SETT, Go Solar!

We're thrilled to showcase the remarkable achievements of our latest graduating class from the Smart Energy Technical Training (SETT) program powered by PECO. These graduates have embarked on a transformative journey, arming themselves with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the ever-evolving clean energy sector. With dedication, hard work, and a passion for sustainability, they are now prepared to make a meaningful impact in the world of clean energy. We're immensely proud of their accomplishments and excited to see them shine as they step into promising careers that not only promise personal success but also contribute to a cleaner, greener future for us all. Congratulations to our SETT graduates, and here's to the bright horizons you're about to explore!

Celebrating Excellence: OIC Philadelphia's 23rd Cohort of BankWork$ Graduates

In a proud moment of achievement, OIC Philadelphia is thrilled to spotlight the remarkable success of our 23rd cohort of Bankwork$ graduates. These exceptional individuals have completed a rigorous and comprehensive program that has prepared them for promising careers in the banking and financial services industry. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to personal growth have not only transformed their own lives but have also enriched our community. As they step into the world of finance, these graduates embody the spirit of excellence that OIC Philadelphia instills in its students. We congratulate them on their achievements and eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will make in the financial sector and beyond. Here's to the bright futures of our Bankwork$ graduates, and to many more success stories to come!

Phlebotomy: From Summer Program to OIC's Most In-Demand Workforce Program

What began as a modest summer-only program has now blossomed into OIC Philadelphia's largest workforce training initiative—the Phlebotomy course. With 20 dedicated students currently enrolled, this program is not only transforming lives but is also in high demand, with over 100 eager individuals on the waitlist for future sessions. The surge in interest for phlebotomy training underscores the growing demand for healthcare professionals skilled in drawing blood and assisting in diagnostic procedures. As we continue to expand this vital program, we are committed to ensuring that opportunities in the healthcare industry remain accessible to all.

Transforming Lives at OIC

"Leading up to the start date, I was recovering from a long duration of grief, depression, and suicidal ideation... This program was, I don't know, a miracle?/godsend?" "Being in the program has rein-stilled a belief in myself and confidence to face the work ahead with the needed sacrifice."
OIC is not just an institution; it's a beacon of light for individuals who may have faced countless challenges and obstacles along their path.

Newsroom & Partnerships

Empowering Futures through Financial Literacy-- OIC Receives $25,000 from Lincoln Financial Group

OIC Philadelphia is delighted to announce a significant milestone in our mission to empower individuals and communities. Thanks to the generous support of the Lincoln Financial Group Foundation, we've received a transformative $25,000 grant. This grant will serve as a cornerstone for strengthening financial literacy across all our workforce development programs. We firmly believe that financial literacy is an essential life skill, and now, regardless of the program you're enrolled in at OIC, you'll have access to the vital financial skills training needed to thrive in today's world. We are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, ensuring that they not only excel in their chosen careers but also achieve financial wellness. This partnership with the Lincoln Financial Group Foundation reinforces our dedication to holistic empowerment and the creation of brighter, more secure futures for all our program participants. 

OIC Philadelphia Hospitality & Tourism Training Institute Staff Attend PHLCVB Luncheon

The OIC Philadelphia staff were filled with excitement as they gathered for the annual PHLCVB luncheon held last week at the iconic Philadelphia Art Museum. This event marked a special opportunity to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of Philadelphia's hospitality and tourism industry. As we look ahead to continued partnerships and endeavors, this luncheon served as a reminder of the unity and collective vision that make Philadelphia an extraordinary place to live, work, and visit. We're honored to be a part of this dynamic community and are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

OIC Philadelphia Proudly Supports Urban Affairs Coalition's 54th Anniversary Breakfast

OIC Philadelphia is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Urban Affairs Coalition's 54th Anniversary Breakfast. This significant event celebrates over five decades of impactful community engagement and collaboration. As an organization dedicated to empowerment and positive change, OIC Philadelphia recognizes the vital role that the Urban Affairs Coalition plays in advancing social and economic equity in our city. Our sponsorship reflects our shared commitment to fostering strong, vibrant communities through education, workforce development, and community initiatives. We look forward to joining forces with the Urban Affairs Coalition and all attendees to commemorate their impressive legacy and to work together towards an even brighter future for Philadelphia. Together, we can continue to create lasting positive change for our communities.

WHYY Presents Sullivan Progress Plaza 

Join WHYY for a captivating two-part episode that delves into the rich history and inspiring achievements of African American pioneers in the United States. In Part One, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of Rev. Leon Sullivan and the groundbreaking creation of Progress Plaza, a monumental milestone as the nation's first Black-owned shopping center. Explore the vision, determination, and community impact of this remarkable leader.

Watch here

Upcoming Programs

Ready for your next opportunity? We are beginning to accept applications for the Winter Sessions: 

January 2024:
BankWork$, Culinary Arts, Smart Energy Technical Training (SETT)

February 2024:
Phlebotomy and Audio Visual Production

March 2024:
Administrative Medical Assistant (only)
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Posted by Nadaysha Screven

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