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Banking on Success: Shantelle's Mentorship in OIC's BankWork$ Program

Shantelle, bankwork$ program instructor

The financial sector is one that demands precision, dedication, and continuous learning. BankWork$, a notable program within this sector, has been creating ripples with its robust structure, professionalism, and curriculum that's keenly attuned to what employers seek.

A testament to the effectiveness of BankWork$ is the story of Shantelle Faison. While Shantelle boasts an impressive 20-year career spanning positions at First Union Bank, Wells Fargo, and Santander Bank, it was her passion for mentorship that brought her to the program. “BankWork$ found me,” Shantelle recalls, crediting her mentor who recognized her potential and introduced her to this transformative program.

Now an instructor with OIC Philadelphia since 2018, Shantelle has been instrumental in guiding 11 cohorts, nurturing the growth of over 150 graduates. Her perspective on BankWork$ is unequivocal. She comments, “They are very attuned to what employers are looking for.” But beyond just imparting hard skills for a career in financial services, BankWork$ shines in the way it builds confidence in its participants. Shantelle emphasizes, "This program takes students out of their comfort zones, helping them become better versions of themselves. It's designed to uplift the underdogs."

Witnessing the metamorphosis of her students is something Shantelle finds both humbling and rewarding. “By the program's end, participants not only grow and blossom but they radiate confidence. Given the chance, they can truly be a force to be reckoned with.”

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Our BankWork$ program at OIC Philadelphia has had a profound impact on the lives of many. Here's what some of our participants have to say about their experiences:

  • On the Instructor, Ms. Shantelle:
    • “Ms. Shantelle was a lovely and stern instructor. She held the class to a high standard and in my opinion that kept everyone's drive up to finish the course and accomplish our goal.”
    • “This program gifted me a great mentor (Ms. Shantelle) who I will always look up to. Very grateful for all her effort she puts in.”
    • “Mrs. Shantelle is a great leader and teacher!”
  • On the Program's Impact:
    • “I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the BankWork$ Program. Being a part of this program really made my confidence grow and changed my view on how I look at myself as an individual.”
    • “I am confident that with the experience I have gained with BankWork$, I now have all of the resources needed to move forward in the banking industry.”
    • “The BankWork$ program is an amazing program that provides you with the knowledge and credentials to move forward in a successful career.”
    • “This program has helped me so much! Thank you for all of your efforts!”
  • On Real-World Application:
    • “This program is so helpful. I like the activities as they let me feel sometimes as I am in a bank and I’m doing transactions. I want to say thank you so much for Miss Shantelle, she was always doing her best.”
    • “It was an honor for me to be one of the students of the BankWork$ program coached by an amazing and professional manager training me in Ms. Shantelle.”
    • “After this program, I feel very comfortable to start a new job in a challenging and powerful industry like a bank.”
    • “This program is so helpful. I like the activities because they let me feel sometimes like I am in a bank doing transactions. I want to say thank you so much for Miss Shantelle for always doing her best.”

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