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March 1, 2024

Philadelphia Works Inc. Awards OIC Philadelphia $365,000 for Smart Energy Program


OIC Philadelphia Awarded $365,000 Grant from PhilaWorks to Advance Clean Energy Job Growth

Philadelphia, (3/1/24) - OIC Philadelphia is proud to announce the reception of a substantial $365,000 grant from PhilaWorks, a significant endorsement of our collaborative efforts with Mayor Parker and Governor Shapiro in driving clean energy job expansion within Philadelphia. This funding not only signifies a pivotal moment in our organizational journey but also mirrors the shared commitment of our city and state leaders towards fostering economic development and sustainability across Pennsylvania.

Sheila Ireland, President & CEO of OIC Philadelphia, expressed her gratitude, stating, "This grant underscores our unwavering dedication to nurturing a diverse workforce capable of excelling in Pennsylvania's dynamic clean energy sector."

The generous investment from PhilaWorks propels us forward in our mission to cultivate talent, with a specific focus on aligning our initiatives with Mayor Parker's and Governor Shapiro's vision for a cleaner and more prosperous Pennsylvania. "We are charting a course towards a brighter, cleaner, & greener future, not only for Philadelphia but for the wider community," emphasized Ireland.

Aligned with Mayor Parker's visionary call to "Imagine If", OIC Philadelphia stands poised to translate imagination into reality by empowering our workforce, generating employment opportunities, and fostering economic well-being throughout the city.

Our workforce programs support the shared vision of Mayor Parker and Governor Shapiro, emphasizing the creation of green jobs and sustainable economic growth. From skilled trades to clean energy, OIC Philadelphia is steadfast in its commitment to drive job creation and workforce empowerment, adhering closely to the priorities outlined by our esteemed leaders.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future! #CleanEnergy #JobCreation #PhiladelphiaProsperity #GreenJobs #EconomicEmpowerment

For media inquiries, please contact:

Drew Bergman: Chief Advancement Officer



Posted by Nadaysha Screven

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