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Dishing Success: Kristol's Transition from OIC Student to Culinary Star on 'Chopped'

Kristol Bryant chef and alumni of OIC Philadelphia's Culinary Arts program

Kristol Bryant, a symbol of determination and talent, emerged from the culinary arts program of OIC Philadelphia to shape her destiny in the culinary world. Despite the challenges of navigating male-dominated kitchens typical of high-end restaurants and facing societal perceptions due to her identity as a Black woman, Kristol didn't waver in her ambition. Her culinary prowess and relentless dedication led her to compete in the Food Network’s renowned show, “Chopped.” Facing seasoned chefs from around the nation, Kristol emerged triumphant.

Following her victory, her reputation skyrocketed. Today, she stands as the Executive Chef and Owner of K.1893, a celebrated private dining company. In addition to her culinary feats, Kristol has expanded her skills to become a food stylist at the QVC Network.

OIC recognizes the potential in individuals like Kristol, offering them a platform to hone their skills, follow their passion, and break through barriers. Kristol's journey serves as an inspiration, emphasizing the balance between personal learning, hard work, and the transformative role of targeted training in achieving professional success.

Read more of her story here and watch her video below.

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